Check Out These BK Spots For Restaurant Week                                            

Jaunary 17, 2024 
There are over 60 Brooklyn options for diners during Restaurant Week.  NYC Restaurant Week kicked off Tuesday with 64 Brooklyn joints  …

Brooklyn restaurant offering custom mocktails to support Dry January

January 16,2024
“Dry January” might mean giving up alcohol but, it doesn’t have to mean giving up fun, freshly shaken drinks. Kokomo Carribean Restaurant …

The 10 Best Caribbean Spots in NYC, According to Our Editors         

January 10, 2024
Craving a Cuban sandwich? Or is succulent jerk chicken on your mind? Maybe it’s rice and peas, or roast pork. Whatever island  …

These are the 62 Brooklyn Restaurants Participating in Restaurant Week 2024

January 9, 2024
We’ll take any scrap of good news we can during these bleak winter months. For example, NYC Restaurant Week is back …

The 50 best restaurants in NYC right now                                              

January 8, 2024
Including dazzling newcomers and familiar favorites.Choosing a favorite restaurant in New York City is a joyful task …

31 Most Romantic Restaurant in NYC right now                                         

December 21, 2023 
New York City is one of the most romantic cities in the world, hands down. Here’s where to go for a date night with that special someone!

Cooking with Kadri Hajdaraj

October 13, 2023
Chef Kadri Hajdaraj, of Kokomo NYC and Oxkale NYC, joined Cheddar News in studio to showcase some of his favorite Caribbean cuisines…

Kokomo Founders Kevol and Ria Graham Discuss Creating a Caribbean -Inspired Hot Spot in Brroooklyn 

September 4, 2023 
Ria and Kevol Graham are a match made in culinary heaven!  The couple met through their careers in hospitality fell in love while traveling the Caribbean, later …

Why these eye-catching COVID-era NYC dining sheds deserve to stay                                  

April 8, 2023
Long since the time when COVID-19 killed 800 New York City residents in a day,  monuments to the pandemic’s hellish early months stand proudly, or stubbornly…

Recipe  for success: How a couple brought carribbean fare                                                                                                  

February 20, 2023 
Kevol and Ria Graham share their remarkable journey of opening their Caribbean inspired restaurant  four months…

With Her Restaurant Kokomo She Brought caribbean Desing to Brooklyn                                                                      

January 27, 2023 
When Ria Graham set out to create Kokomo with her husband Kevol their mission was to transport guests to the Caribbean without …

The economy , funding, and 3 other small-business challengs entrepreneurs will  face in 2023, according to foundes 

January 25, 2023 
Whether you’re starting or scaling a business in 2023, this year is poised to challenge both new and veteran entrepreneurs …

Restaurant Review : Kokomo

January 14, 2022 
On paper, Kokomo is a Caribbean spot in Williamsburg where you can get pastas, flatbreads, and more topped with things like jerk chicken and oxtail …