KOKOMO, the brainchild of prominent, on-the-scene couple Ria and Kevol Graham, brings an immersive, multi-sensory dining experience to guests by way of art, architectural design and sophisticated Caribbean cuisine. 


Inspired by the rich and exotic culture of the Caribbean, KOKOMO’s cuisine builds on familiar island ingredients and offerings with an elevated, modern flair. The menu offering showcases a delicious mix of flatbreads, succulent meats, comfort starches and decadent desserts presented on vibrant, nature-infused plating. Acclaimed mixologist and beverage consultant Rael Petit is the mastermind behind KOKOMO’s drink menu, which transports bar-goers to the soft beaches and clear, azure waters of the islands. Refreshing cocktails and house made elixirs combine unexpected flavor profiles and vibrant colors with artful presentation and garnish technique. 


As a black owned Caribbean restaurant, we pride ourselves on diversity and inclusiveness. We demonstrate our love of people and cultures everyday as we work with our staff who hail from 29 countries and counting.