Brooklyn’s Finest Caribbean Inspired Restaurant
Our Story
Immersive Dining Experiences Celebrate the Senses and Evoke Caribbean Culture

Through visual art, architectural design, lavish cocktails, and sophisticated Caribbean-inspired cuisine, we turn meals into celebrations you’ll want to relive again and again.

Opened just a few months into the COVID lockdowns of 2020, Kokomo was the wildly ambitious dream of Ria and Kevol Graham. Just as they welcomed their second child into the world, they doubled down on the idea of a restaurant that would bring the joys and flavors of the Caribbean to Brooklyn.

Years on, Kokomo continues to transport guests with unforgettable dishes like spicy Koko pasta, Jamaican jerk chicken, lentil meatballs in coconut curry, braised oxtail, sweet plantain pancakes, saltfish avocado toast, innovative flatbreads, and signature cocktails such as tropical and mango rum punch, Sorrel Mule, Plantini, Sop Thyme, and so much more.

Our Philosophy
Join us

Kokomo Hospitality Group restaurants are a beacon for culinary excellence that unites and celebrates the cultures of the Caribbean. We provide a peerless culinary experience by merging modern, elevated cuisine with unparalleled hospitality and atmosphere. Enjoying the warmth and generosity of Caribbean culture, guests join us for the meals and memories that transcend cultural boundaries and connect us all.

KHG is Black-Owned with a proudly diverse team as multicultural as the Caribbean itself. Our founders, Ria and Kevol Graham, are a trailblazing force in New York City’s hospitality landscape and the community. Join us!

Caribbean Cuisine
From farm to fork

Caribbean cuisine embodies a rich tapestry of flavors, blending influences from African, Indigenous, European, and Asian culinary traditions. At the heart of Caribbean cuisine lies a deep connection to the land, where ingredients are sourced from lush tropical landscapes and vibrant local markets. From the fertile farms of Jamaica to the bustling marketplaces of Trinidad and Tobago, the journey from farm to fork is a celebration of the region’s diverse agricultural bounty. Root vegetables like yams and cassava, tropical fruits such as mangoes and papayas, and an array of spices like allspice, nutmeg, and scotch bonnet peppers form the foundation of many Caribbean dishes. Whether it’s savory jerk chicken from roadside grills or aromatic curry goat simmered to perfection, Caribbean cuisine reflects the harmony between the land, the people, and the flavors that have evolved over centuries.

The delight is in details

Our menu is full of joyful creations, inspired by our founders’ roots and the rich, multicultural history of the Caribbean.

For example, our Wah Gwaan flatbread is made with a traditional New York City brick oven crust, nodding to the community Ria and Kevol grew up in. The tomato confit base pays homage to the Caribbean’s French influence. That’s topped with marinated shrimp and ackee, a national fruit in Jamaica. And there’s no mistaking the Latin influence of the scotch bonnet cilantro sauce.

At Kokomo, every dish has a story for you to discover and experience.

Private Events
Celebration Is in Order

Kokomo is ideal for marking a special occasion, or for making any occasion special.

Celebrate your loved ones with a dinner of Caribbean-inspired food and drink.

Revel in happy hour, with delectable drink and small plate specials, Tuesday-Thursday.

Elevate your weekend with our Bottomless Brunch Fridays, including an entree and endless mimosas for ninety blissful minutes.

A feast for Senses

Ambiance is a key ingredient in any great meal. That’s why designer Dara Young of the Aviva Collective filled Kokomo with intimate dining spaces that are transportive and unmistakably Caribbean.

Our interior design was further enhanced by Peta-Gaye Shoucair of Shoucair Designs, who created several design elements including the zinc staircase lined with tropical greenery to evoke stepping into a rainforest, and the underground Champagne Room, which overflows with the colors of the Caribbean sea.

Add in lively music, often from a live DJ, and you have an atmosphere you’ll be in no hurry to leave. At Kokomo, you need no passport to embark on a joyful Caribbean journey.