Welcome In To Kokomo, Brooklyn's Finest Caribbean-Inspired Restaurant

Through visual art, architectural design, lavish cocktails, and sophisticated Caribbean-inspired cuisine, we turn meals into celebrations you'll want to relive again and again.

Opened just a few months into the COVID lockdowns of 2020, Kokomo was the wildly ambitious dream of Ria and Kevol Graham. Just as they welcomed their second child into the world, they doubled down on the idea of a restaurant that would bring the joys and flavors of the Caribbean to Brooklyn.

Years on, Kokomo continues to transport guests with unforgettable dishes like spicy Koko pasta, Jamaican jerk chicken, lentil meatballs in coconut curry, braised oxtail, sweet plantain pancakes, saltfish avocado toast, innovative flatbreads, and signature cocktails such as tropical and mango rum punch, Sorrel Mule, Plantini, Sop Thyme, and so much more.